Join fellow Sales & Marketing professionals from the Science, Engineering and Healthcare Industries for a unique look at the world of digital marketing in the context of science.

The online world is constantly evolving, and the tools available to the modern marketing professional are endless. It is no longer a case of paying your way to the top of Google – you need to consider the entire customer journey and know exactly what to present to your potential customer, and when.

During this on-demand webinar, presenters address critical challenges faced by marketing professionals in the sciences, what types of content work well and how you can measure success for sustainable long-term improvement. They also share sample projects executed with real life science companies, showcasing how to apply specific digital marketing methods and the success these companies saw as a result.

Key topics covered…

  • Gaining Insights from Big Data
  • Improving SEO
  • Using Video to Tell Stories
  • Effective Email Marketing (GDPR guidelines!)
  • Client Case Studies
  • Enhancing The Customer Buying Process

The content and topics discussed during this webinar will be most relevant to CMOs, Sales & Marketing Managers, Product Managers and Digital Marketing Specialists who work for companies that offer product or services in science and technology sectors.  Specific markets include…

  • Basic Life Sciences
  • Drug Discovery
  • Medical Science
  • Materials Engineering
  • Optics and Imaging Sciences
  • Environmental Science
  • Bioprocessing
  • Cleantech

Find out how to enhance your customer journey at every stage of the buying process:  Attract Anonymous personas, Track Cookied Visitors, Generate Leads, Nurture Existing Prospects, Develop Clients. Watch the webinar today!

Presentation Team

Rolf Easto // Global Relationship Manager, AZoNetwork

Rolf started his sales career back in the days when print advertising was in vogue. With twenty eight years of advertising and manufacturing experience behind him, his career spans beyond the digital age and his knowledge of the industry is unrivalled.

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Frank Barker // Chief Marketing Officer, AZoNetwork

Frank is in his seventh year with AZoNetwork and brings his vast digital knowledge which can be applied to a range of technical applications and industries. Having begun his career as a digital marketing consultant, he now leads the marketing team for AZoNetwork and deals with everything from branding to generating leads and integrating CRMs with analytical software.

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Dave Cockett // Head of Web Services and SEO, AZoNetwork

Dave has 18 years’ experience in digital marketing and begun his career in the midst of the dotcom boom with blue chip search engines Lycos, and MSN before running his own successful digital marketing agency. Dave’s main skill sets are Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization. He is passionate about educating businesses in what ‘SEO’ is and how they can increase their own inquiry and conversion rates.

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Kris Walker // Chief Videographer, AZoNetwork

Kris has filmed, edited and produced over 400 videos for a range of Science, Healthcare and Engineering clients over the past 6 years. Having, come from a media background, he also oversees the editorial production team which creates content for over 85 Million visitors each year.

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Stuart Milne // Digital Marketing Specialist

Over the past seven years at AZoNetwork, Stuart has been involved in developing an industry-leading range of products, enhancing client experience and improving internal systems designed to deliver significant value for clients.

His current role within the marketing team involves all aspects of the digital marketing landscape. As a digital marketing specialist, he now deals with everything from content creation and optimization to marketing automation and email marketing.

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Webinar Host

Andy Henton // Director, InsideScientific

After completing an honours degree in Medical Science at Western University (Ontario, Canada), Andy spent 8 years working in the preclinical research instrumentation market, focused on commercialization of miniaturized catheter-based technologies for cardiovascular research. He has filled various roles focused on sales, marketing, and business development. In 2013, he co-founded InsideScientific, an online environment built for life science researchers focused on producing educational webinars, workshops and digital resources that help researchers do their best science.  An expert in educational webinars, he has been involved in the planning, production and hosting of more than 100 webinars in the science industry.

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